Jane's Pie Stories

As a great pie chef once said, "Pie is Life!" Here's proof that life without pie would not be pie-in-the-sky....

Blueberry-cranberry Pie

Political Unity Pie: bringing "Blue" (blueberries) and "Red" (cranberries) together!

Aunt Alice's Phantom Strawberry Pie

Everyone makes it, everyone loves it, but why do those who make it lose their memory of it?

Pumpkin Pie Down Under

The quintessential American Thanksgiving dessert is well known to pie-bakers in Australia. Or is it?

Blue States? Red States? Try Political Unity Pie!

Here's an idea: let's divide up a blue-and-red pie instead of the country....

The Great Apple Pie Bake-Off

An entire dinner made of apples? Yes, but we'll stick to just the desserts.

Can You Make a Pecan Pie?

Great idea, I thought. Only one small concern: pecan pie was not in my repertoire...

Le Bon Clafouti

Limoges, France, is best known for its porcelain and enamel work. But to me, Limoges means clafouti.

Why I Love France: Tarte Tatin

One day Chef Stéphanie made a mistake—and thus was born one of France's most delicious and enduring apple pies.

National Pie Day

January 23rd is National Pie Day, according to the American Pie Council.

Celestial Blueberry Pie

Would Jesus like wild blueberry pie? The question is not merely academic in Sullivan County, Pennsylvania.

Alberta's Bumbleberry Pie

What's a bumbleberry? Delicious!

Stalking the Wild Rhubarb

My love of strawberry rhubarb pie began when I discovered that the house I had just bought held a surprise: one renegade rhubarb plant.

A la Mode: In Fashion or Not?

Pie à la mode originated not in France but in Cambridge NY...

Dad's Favorite: Lemon Meringue...in Quarters!

Out in Indiana, where men are men and pie is pie, there was once a place called the Post Office Café....

Tofu Pie? Are You Kidding Me?

What's a vegetarian (sister of a vegan) to do when she wants a treat? (Horrible to contemplate, delicious to eat!

The Circus Pie Club

It was nearly 11 pm. Under the circus Big Top, I was approached by one of the crew: "Do you know where we can get pie at this time of night? It's very important!"

Pie in the Face!

One of the oldest clown tricks is to throw a pie into another clow's face. A shaving cream pie. Shaving cream??

Vive La France!

Is there pie in France, home to the world's finest cuisine? You bet there is—pie and more!

In the Days Before Low-Fat...

Butter, eggs, farm-town appetites...and delicious old Norwegian pie recipes.

Blackberry Pie & Soay Sheep

All the blackberries you want...if you can get them before the sheep do!

Pies on Parade!

Rockland, Maine celebrated pies in January, from inn to inn all through the town.

Pie 24/7, 365 Days a Year!

An inn that had fresh homemade pies available every day? That's good service!

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