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Pies are all about happiness, and pleasure, and goodness, and celebration.
Try it: bake a pie and see if you feel better. I bet you will.
PieChef.com has all the information you need to make and bake dozens of delicious pies…in crusts you’ve made yourself. Yes! You can do it! And you’ll feel great when you do.

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Four Ingredients for a Pie Crust
Four Ingredients for a Pie Crust

The first objection I get—the one I always hear—is “I can’t make a pie crust. It’s just too difficult.

But really, it isn’t!

Remember the old expression easy as pie? That’s what I aim to prove. I urge you not to be afraid of making a pie crust. It’s simple, quick and easy! Four ingredients, four minutes. I’ll show you how.

Pecan Pie
Pecan pie: rich, flavorful & satisfying!

I have a lot of pie recipes, many handed down from relatives, and I’ll share the stories that go along with them. For the most part these are simple pies that use fresh ingredients, not complicated concoctions that will send you off to the gourmet market.

You won’t find  a recipe for every pie ever invented on PieChef.com, but you will find dozens of my favorites, along with tips on how to become a pie chef yourself. Start with my Easy Pie Crust. In no time you’ll be making my Pie of the Month.

Celestia sign
Pick wild blueberries at Celestia to make a Celestial Blueberry Pie!

Why not start by reading some pie stories

You’ll learn why my blueberry pie is celestial. How they make a pumpkin pie “Down Under.” Even how to make a delicious vegan chocolate pie out of…tofu?!

Of course, everything doesn’t always go right. But pie bloopers can be as much fun as pie successes!

Each pie story leads to a pie recipe. That’s the way it works on PieChef.com!