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I love pie! I love making pies, eating pies, serving pies to friends. PieChef.com is the story of my life with pies, my love of pies, and advice for other pie lovers and experienced and aspiring pie chefs.

Jane the PieChef

PieChef Jane Fisher

PieChef.com is not a scientific study of pies, or a comprehensive site that includes every pie ever made. Nor is it a commercial site about mass-produced pies.

It comes completely from my personal love of delicious, healthful, easy-to-make pies.

You may wonder why I do certain things—why does she use Pyrex pans instead of metal? Why does she recommend King Arthur flour? Why doesn’t she use a marble slab for rolling pie crust? Why does she use the pie-making equipment she does?

I’m not going to tell you I’ve research different pie pans and concluded that Pyrex is best. I probably use Pyrex because that’s what my mother used, that’s what I grew up with, and I’ve had great results with them.

I use King Arthur flour because years ago a friend of mine, who was very into being environmentally conscious and healthy, told me it was best because it was "never bleached, never bromated," and had no added chemicals. I've always used it and it works for me.

I tried using a cool marble slab for rolling out the pie crust, which some cookbooks swear by, but I didn’t find it was worth the trouble. For me, a plain clean kitchen counter-top works just as well.

You may make different choices about pans, ingredients, and technique, and that’s fine.

I think pie making is a personal experience that should reflect the pie chef. I’ve offered my best advice—albeit sometimes a bit eccentric—about what works for me, in hopes you’ll find it helpful.

Experiment! Have fun! And let me know what works for you!

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