The Circus Pie Club

It was nearly 11 pm. Under the Circus Smirkus Big Top, I was approached by one of the crew: "Do you know where we can get pie at this time of night? It's very important!"

Circus Smirkus Big Top

Jane leaves the Big Top in search of pie....

Our daughter Lydia spent her high-school summers performing with Circus Smirkus, a Vermont-based international youth circus founded by renowned clown Rob Mermin.

Kids from 10 to 18 years of age tour New England, delighting audiences with incredible acrobatics, fantastic aerial acts, gravity-defying juggling, and fast-paced and entertaining clowning.

When the circus comes to our town, we have all the circus kids over for a cook-out.

The first time they came, we were greeted by one of the boys who asked, “do you know where we can get a pie?

Having spent all day preparing a full dinner, cake, and brownies, I was a bit surprised to be asked about pie.

We suggested a couple places and forgot about it.

The next night, after the show, another young man approached and asked the same question. Thus we learned of the existence of the Pie Club.

The Pie Club has one simple requirement: you must eat pie every day in order to stay a member in good standing.

Having instant sympathy for such a noble goal, Tom ran out and bought a pie, packaged it with paper plates, forks, and a knife, and delivered it to the Big Top so the members would not risk missing a day.

We also learned our lesson and now supply pie for any Smirkus gathering!

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