Blue States? Red States? Unity Pie!

The 2004 election was particularly bitter, with the country divided into “Red States” and Blue States.” I would prefer to think about “red fruits” and “blue fruits”...

The Power of Pie: Bringing us all together.

...and how good they taste together, so how about a pie of blueberries and cranberries, mixing the two and sweetening them so the combination brings smiles to faces rather than frowns?

This pie also provides an excellent opportunity for pie crust art.

I’m from Massachusetts, home of the cranberry, but also home of a strong political tradition.

Let’s just say that my pie Blueberry Cranberry Pie includes more blueberries than cranberries…you can vary the proportions to suit your taste buds and your politics!

If that's too political, why not try my Blueberry Peach Pie? It's apolitical! Or Bumbleberry Pie, the ultimate E Pluribus Unum!

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