Blackberry Pie Story

Too many blackberries? How is that possible? They may be invasive, but they still make a delicious blackberry pie

Jane & Priscilla

Jane & Priscilla in Oregon.

Weed-free pasture or blackberry pie?

You can have both!

The title of this story comes from the blog of my friend Priscilla, with whom I went to college some 40 years ago. She is an accomplished musician and a lawyer, and now she and her husband raise Soay sheep in Oregon.

Turns out that Soay sheep love blackberries. Pris and Steve are happy to let the sheep "search and destroy the wild Himalayan blackberry vines that are the curse of fields and streams here in Oregon and throughout the Pacific Northwest."

But come August, the sheep have to share the blackberries with Priscilla, a self -proclaimed blackberry addict, who uses them to make lots of blackberry pies.

I never heard of Soay sheep until now.

To learn more about them and get the full story of sharing the blackberries with the sheep, check out Priscilla's blog, "The Soay Sheep Chronicles," subtitled "The Joys of keeping small sheep in southern Oregon."

Her blackberry pie recipe starts with "pick at least 6 cups of blackberries," and describes the gloves you need to protect your hands.

I think I will buy the blackberries I use....

She also recommends listening to Brahms while making pie crust...

Here's her blackberry pie recipe.

Blackberry Pie Recipe

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Soay Sheep

The Soay sheep.

Good reading while your pie is baking...

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