Chocolate Silk Pie Recipe

I learned this from cousin Lesley, who is vegetarian, and her sister Debbie is a vegan (here's the story). That means in addition to not eating meat, Debbie doesn’t eat any dairy products or eggs.

Pie Crust

Put tofu in it...

This Chocolate Silk Pie fills the bill!

9” Graham cracker crust
12 oz chocolate semi-sweet bits
2 packages firm tofu
3 TB maple syrup

Preheat oven to 400. Bake graham cracker crust for 10 minutes and cool.

Melt chocolate. You can do this in the microwave, in a saucepan, or a double boiler.

Place tofu in blender and blend until smooth. Add chocolate and syrup and blend until fully integrated. Pour into crust. Refrigerate for an hour or more. Serve plain or with whipped topping of your choice.

Tips from Jane

— I like Ghiradelli chocolate for this, but you can use any other brand of high quality semi-sweet chocolate.

— Be sure to use firm tofu so the pie’s the right consistency.

— If you’re not a vegan, you can top this with whipped cream!

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