Make Your Own Pie Crust!

Pie crust: 4 ingredients
Water, butter, salt, flour: how hard can it be?

You don’t have to make your own crust. But you can—even if you don’t think you can. It’s easy, it’s simple, and it’s the best crust ever. You can do it!

You can buy frozen pie crusts that are not bad.

But there’s a big difference between biting into a light, tasty, homemade crust and a store-bought crust, which will tend to be thicker and tougher.

I guess you can see my bias!

But once in a while, when you want to make a pie in a hurry, sure, buy a frozen crust.

After you’ve made a few pie crusts of your own, however, and discovered how simple and easy it is (and heard the praise from your family and friends!), I guarantee you’ll be getting out the four ingredients and the food processor next time!

Finishing a butter pie crust
Finishing a butter pie crust...

My husband’s favorite because of its rich flavor. You can make it by hand, or using a food processor.

(The alternative is a pie crust made with shortening…)

Shortening pie crust ingredients
What you need to make a shortening pie crust.

Not as flavorful as a butter crust, but lighter, flakier, and lactose-free.

You can make it by hand, or using a food processor.

If by hand, it’s good to have a pastry blender (top left)and flour shaker (bottom center).

Pre-baked pie crust
Pre-baked pie crust

Fruit pies are among the most delicious…and the easiest to make. Usually, you bake the crust by itself, then fill it with fruit to finish. Easy!

Weaving a lattice pie crust
Weaving a lattice pie crust

You can even make one of those wonderful lattice pie crusts. It’s not all that difficult, and it makes a presentation that will garner you praise!

Apple-Cranberry-Walnut Pie
Apple-Cranberry-Walnut Pie

Whole Wheat Pie Crust

Not as light or flaky, but with a deep, rich flavor well suited to certain pies, such as this Apple-Cranberry-Walnut Pie.

Graham Cracker Pie
Graham Cracker Pie

Some pies (like those made with citrus fruit) just call out for a crust made of crumbs from these flavorful crackers. I’ll show you the tricks for making this tricky crust.

Peach Pie with Pie Art
Peach pie for a concert party

Pies need no fancy finish, but pie-eaters love a nicely decorated top…and it’s fun!

Use Pie Crust Art to customize your pies for special occasions: holidays, birthdays, events…any sort of party.