Tofu Pie—Are You Kidding Me?

What’s a Vegetarian (sister of a Vegan) to do when she wants a treat? Chocolate Silk Pie!

No, I’m not kidding. 

The pie is actually Chocolate Silk Pie, courtesy of cousin Lesley.

A Vegetarian with a sister who is a Vegan (someone who uses no animal products at all), Lesley was looking for ways to support a Vegan sweet tooth.

I will admit we were skeptical at first, but after the first bite we were sold. 

Unbaked pie crust
Yes, you can put chocolate and tufo in it!

It’s light and chocolaty and flavorful—and simple to make, requiring only three ingredients (semi-sweet chocolate bits, firm tofu, and maple syrup), a blender, and a graham cracker crust.