Pies on Parade!

What better way to celebrate National Pie Day than to spend a day eating pies of all kinds in beautiful Rockland, Maine?

It was music to my ears when I learned about Pies on Parade, an annual event in Rockland.

What more could a Pie Chef ask than to spend an afternoon wandering from inn to inn, restaurant to restaurant, sampling delicious pies?

Started by the Historic Inns of Rockland in 2005, Pies on Parade is a fundraiser for the Area Interfaith Outreach Food Pantry. For a fee that I found very reasonable, you can visit a number of different establishments, all in walking distance of the center of Rockland, and eat your way through both savory and sweet pies.

Strawberry Tarts, Rockland, Maine
Strawberry tarts: help yourself!

“Lunch” might consist of sampling several different kinds of pizza, or sampling some chicken pot pie from a local restaurant. “Dessert” is of course the point of the whole thing and continues beyond the point when you think you can’t eat anything else but just have to try one more….

Chocolate tarts in shortbread crusts, a table top covered with four different kinds of fruit pies, mini lemon tartelettes topped with fresh raspberries, slices of pecan pie, beautiful meringue-topped pies, apple pies,…the list goes on and on. 

One member of our group claimed to have eaten 34 servings of pie during the day. The rest of us stopped short of that, but we all agreed we couldn’t choose a favorite—too many delicious treats!

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