Thanksgiving Pies

Thanksgiving in New England is when everyone loves to bake and eat pies. Luckily, it’s not difficult to make a delicious pie—or pie crust— if you have the right recipe.

Pumpkin pie is our traditional favorite, of course, but we enjoy trying different recipes, too—and there are plenty of delicious Thanksgiving pie recipes to choose from. 

You won’t find every pie ever invented here, but you will find dozens of my favorites, along with tips on how to become a pie chef yourself. Start with my Easy Pie Crust. In no time you’ll be making my Pie of the Month.

Thanksgiving Pies
Four Pies to please everyone at Thanksgiving dinner: two Pumpkin Pies (one Lactose-free), an Apple-Cranberry Walnut Pie with crumble crust, and a rich Pecan Pie.

Remember the old expression “easy as pie?” That’s what I aim to prove. For starters, watch this 5-minute YouTube video to see how easy it is to make a pie crust: 4 ingredients, 4 minutes!

I have a lot of pie recipes, many handed down from relatives, and I’ll share the stories that go along with them. For the most part they are simple pies that use fresh ingredients, not complicated concoctions that will send you off to the gourmet market.

Each pie story leads to a pie recipe. That’s the way it works on!

And when you’re deciding how many pies to make, remember that leftover pie makes an excellent breakfast! Nothing like a slice of pumpkin pie or apple-cranberry-walnut pie with your coffee the morning after Thanksgiving. Yum!

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