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 Need a pie fix in the middle of the night, or for breakfast? No problem at the Berry Manor Inn.


While enjoying the fabulous Pies on Parade in Rockland, Maine, I had the chance to visit the Berry Manor Inn, one of the Historic Inns of Rockland.

The Berry Manor is a victorian mansion with twelve lovely guest rooms in its main house and carriage house, all beautifully appointed and spacious.

But what makes the Berry Manor unique is its practice of having pie available every day of the year. Each night guests can sample a different homemade pie, made by one of the inn's "pie moms." If you're not hungry for pie that evening, the pies are also available 24 hours a day in the guest pantry.

What's a pie mom? They actually are the mothers of the Inn's owners, and they bake the pies. They've been featured on local and national TV, including the Food Network.

I've heard of room service, chocolates on the pillow, mini-bars, in-room coffee makers, turn down service, and more. I've received fruit baskets, bottles of wine, fuzzy slippers, and stuffed animals as welcome gifts. But to my mind having pie 24/7, 365 days a year tops them all!

The Berry Manor celebrates National Pie Day all year long and sets the bar high for those of us who consider ourselves pie lovers.

Learn more at Historic Inns of Rockland or the Berry Manor Inn. And click here to see what else Rockland has to offer.

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Pie Mom, Berry Manor Inn, Rockland ME

Pie Mom and her work at
Berry Manor Inn
, Rockland ME.