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Great idea, I thought. Only one small concern: for some reason, with all the pies I’ve baked, pecan pie was not in my repertoire.


I recently offered the gift of four fresh baked pies for a fundraising auction at our church.

“Choose four different pies throughout the year, or four at once for a party,” I invited.

A couple I knew bought my pies, and there was even a bidding war! The woman is a well-known chef in town and a cookbook author, and her husband, a man with whom I had served on a committee, is known to have extremely high standards.

Hmm, I thought. This is going to be interesting.

Then came the email, “Dick would die for a pecan pie from you around the holidays.”

What to do?

Fortunately Thanksgiving was coming up, so in addition to my usual pair of pumpkin pies, I decided to do a pecan pie.

I compared several recipes and adapted one that sounded good to me. It was a great hit at Thanksgiving, so I breathed a sigh of relief and prepared to make Dick his pie.

Next email “How about a pecan pie with some chocolate?”

Back to the drawing board!

But being a big fan of chocolate myself, I had no problem adjusting the recipe to include chocolate. Did he like it?

Check back after Christmas and I’ll let you know!


The post-Christmas report:

"The Christmas chocolate pecan pie broke all previous indoor and outdoor records. What a gustatory dream! What a piemaker!"

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