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As I talk with friends who love pie but don’t make pies, they complain, “I don’t know how to make pie crust.” Well, I’m happy to say: making pie crust is simple & easy!


It takes just 4 ingredients (flour, fat, salt and water) and 4 minutes. Mix the flour and the fat, add the water, make the dough into a ball, and roll it out—that’s it!

Want to see how it's done? Watch this short video.

Then, here's all you need to know about pie crust, whether plain or fancy, made with butter or shortening, by hand or in a food processor. I've added pages about variations such as whole wheat crust, graham cracker crust and pie-top meringue:

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Four Pie Crust Ingredients

Water. Butter. Salt. Flour. That's it.
How hard can it be? Watch the video!