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My first attempt at a February Pie of the Month produced something that my family nicknamed "Pie of Darkness" and "George's Chocolate Cherry Mess."


In creating a February Pie of the Month, I first tried a chocolate-cherry combination. You'll notice there is not yet a recipe for Chocolate Cherry Pie on this site, because the first attempt produced something that my family nicknamed either "Pie of Darkness" or "George's Chocolate Cherry Mess."

They did, however, eat every bite and were sad when it was gone.

The basic premise was a chocolate crust, made with crushed chocolate wafers.

It was so dark it looked black and it stuck to the pan.

The cherry part was fine—a standard cherry pie, similar in proportion to the Cheery Cherry Pie that became the February Pie of the Month.

But then I decided to top it with chocolate, using my mother's recipe for New Richland Chocolate Pie, described in In the Days before Low Fat...

Suffice it to say there was too much chocolate and it was too runny. And the chocolate crust got very hard.

Serving this pie was a combination of excavating the crust and spooning out the filling, which looked sort of like round lumps in mud. It made a mess on the plate, but the magic was that once you tasted it, you forgot about its strange appearance.

However, I'm not yet ready to serve it to guests!

Check back next year for a refined version. I'm determined to come up with a good one! In the meantime, here are all of my successful chocolate pies.

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Chocolate Cherry Pie by PieChef Jane Fisher

"Pie of Darkness."